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The big buzz word of 2014 if you haven’t heard, is “Sales Enablement”. Don’t have a clue what it is? Check out the guide we did here to learn more!

However, in this article, Alex Gorbansky speaks in this article on how you can avoid some of the challenges that come with implementing Sales Enablement processes. My favorite of these is “Adopt Highly Targeted Sales Tools”. That is because with the now plethora of great tools out there, means that you must make decisions on what you “actually need” versus “what you can afford”. Just because you can afford all of these tools, doesn’t necessarily mean you should bring them into your process. Bringing in more tools than needed goes against the idea of Sales Enablement so be sure to plan accordingly!

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This had “My Kind of Article” written all over it before I even read it. I couldn’t agree more with the very principle of the article.

There is a way to be not only more efficient but also more effective with less. It still is all about a concerted effort into finding the best contacts and prospective companies. But once you master that process, things will come that make your sales easier to manage and also create more stable business relationships.

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B2B Google

Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a guest post from Russel Cooke, journalist and business consultant. 

The rollout of Google Plus in the summer of 2011 was nothing short of mighty. What started as an invitation-only “field test” spawned millions of users desperate for the next big thing in social media. Three long years later, and there is finally tangible proof that concludes that Google Plus, for all the hoopla it aroused, and the subsequent drop-off that it experienced, is the social media of the future.

What makes Google Plus so special is the visibility it affords its users. This, for businesses in particular, works particularly well. The fact that Google Plus matters so much when it comes to search engine results also drives businesses to use the medium, as they experience better search engine optimization as a result. This infographic describes why Google Plus is the future of B2B Marketing, and why businesses need to stop neglecting its presence.

It is such a tight rope you walk as a manger of trying to give your employees everything you can without giving them too much/overstepping bounds.

But on the other side of the spectrum, you also have to ensure you are giving your employees all the opportunity to succeed and let them know that you value them. This article is a great insight into some of the things managers can do that create rifts/hurt feelings without at all being intentional.

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Teleprospecting Training

Last week, I had the chance to help train a fresh new crop of recruits for a long-time client of ours. After 12 years of trying to figure this teleprospecting thing out, I’d say we’re completely sold on how we do things internally around here. The interesting part for me is seeing how others not immersed in the AG Salesworks culture react to our process and mindset. Fortunately, most of the post-training feedback was in line with what we wanted to hear. The long and the short of it was that we helped provide a framework on how to best attack all warm and cold opportunities. Sometimes, all inside sales need is a place to start. 

The thought process behind this ideal I believe is spot on. I am especially in agreement about two in particular: Exterminating Poor Quality Activity and Developing a Consultative Sales Process.

These two stand out because they are the back bone to getting front of clients or prospects and once you do, being in the best position to serve them.

Frequently, there are two main pitfalls that even experienced salespeople can fall into in terms of activities. First, they simply aren’t doing enough. What’s enough? Enough telephone calls to make appointments, enough face-to-face calls, enough calls that involve or influence decision-makers. In general, the more focused sales activitysalespeople generate, the greater the number of sales opportunities they can create.

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A very helpful article that focuses really on reeling yourself in and dialing in/focusing on what’s important for your presentation.

My only bone to pick with this article was this line: “We all grapple with the timeless dilemma : Should you dress very well to show off your success, or should you underdress to give the impression that you need the business?”

WHO DOES THAT? I’m being serious, I have never heard the tactic that you underdress to say you need the business. Why would you play into your customers hand by giving them all the power from the get-go? You wouldn’t. Dress comfortably and professionally fitting of the industry (basically a suit vs. slacks & nice shirt) and you’ll be able to navigate your first impression a lot easier.

You typically focus on what to do during a sales call or presentation. But just as important is learning what not to do, identifying the actions that can instantaneously destroy your chances of making a sale.

Here are five commonsense but often-forgotten don’ts of the sales call. Ignore them only if you want to kill your chances with a customer.

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This article is a much needed reminder that afflicts many salespeople, the need to product dump. It doesn’t matter if it is cars, software, or garden tools; there is no need to spout off many random facts that just aren’t pertinent to your customer/client/prospect.

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5 Benefits Every B2B Data Provider Should Have

If it weren’t for our partnerships with B2B data providers, I would be lost. They make my days easier in so many ways. Whether a rep needs a fresh new list to help them meet quota or a client needs a list with five pieces of criteria that are nearly impossible to find, our data providers get it done.

Like anything you outsource in business, you want to give up the details to the experts so they can find and create the quality you’re looking for. After working with many providers over the years, I have come up with a list of things to look for when evaluating data providers. Here is what I find to be most crucial:

Have an excellent weekend fellow Tumblrs and enjoy the summer that is quickly coming to a close!

Have an excellent weekend fellow Tumblrs and enjoy the summer that is quickly coming to a close!