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This is why Sir Richard Branson is considered one of the world’s top CEO’s in general on a consistent basis.

His drive to give customers exactly what they deserve and more is just one of the many reasons to keep an eye on Virgin and all their product lines. Check out this article as Sir Branson speaks to how he actively approaches Customer Service.

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Great article on how to keep focused with your marketing and using your data to accurately measure your efforts.

We all want a lot of data, it’s better to have the numbers and not need them, then need them and not have them. The problem is by having so much, what is truly relevant to seeing how your results came to be? Sasha Braude at Adobe gives a 3 step process that cuts out the excess and helps you stay focused on the data that matters most to you:

If you have been read­ing my blogs, then you know that I have come to love math. It wasn’t easy, but I learned how to embrace the num­bers and use them to eval­u­ate the per­for­mance of mar­ket­ing campaigns.

Data has been digital’s gift to mar­keters. It allows us to know how our mar­ket­ing pro­grams are per­form­ing and deter­mine what is work­ing or not. It also lets us make adjust­ments along the way.  We no longer have to fol­low the HiPPo (high­est paid per­son in the room) prin­ci­ple to make deci­sions. In a way, dig­i­tal has democ­ra­tized the access to data and data rules.

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AG Salesworks is pleased to bring you a guest post from Kevin Thornton, Executive Vice President - Sales & Marketing for VanillaSoft

Here is a statistic that may give you a jolt: “only 25% of leads are legitimate and should advance to sales.” (Source: HubSpot). This raises some questions:

  • Are sales and marketing in alignment on what constitutes a qualified or sales-accepted lead?
  • Am I purchasing the right lists & working with the right list providers?
  • How are leads being reviewed and passed along to my sales reps?

A lot has already been written about sales & marketing alignment and list providers.  Today I want to talk about a third point:  how is your team’s next lead reviewed and passed along to a rep?

Want to spice up your day and also see where you lie in the realm of Content Marketing?

Well Curata has just what you need! Take a short quiz to see who your CM Animal Spirit would be. See if you’re a leader, follower, or just need to get more in the game:

Are you a content marketing fox? Wildebeest? Elephant? What about a T-Rex? If you’re all caught up on the best content marketing strategies and tactics revealed in ourContent Marketing Tactics Planner, then you may already have an inkling….

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I really like the idea Rakia proposes at the end of the article.

If you’re the owner, CEO, COO, etc. you should have some open hours time at the minimum once a week. It should be inviting to hear valid questions, concerns, or ideas from anyone in your employ. It will help you find the people who can drive your business farther that you may never have known of otherwise.

If your office can’t have an open door policy always (like here at AG), at least make some time to get to know your employees and hear them out!

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Paul’s article today is pretty spectacular.

I told a colleague of mine that this describes one of our client calls almost perfectly. Paul has the remedy of tips to make sure that sales meetings are to the point, clear and educational. If this seems to be a constant issue with your own meetings, take a read and see what you can do better!

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I whole heartedly agree with Lori on this subject. Quality is the name of the game.

Doing general amount of activity with no focus or end game means nothing to you, your boss, your client, etc. Busy work comes and goes which is understandable but the majority of activity should have directive, because the right kind of activity produces the right kind of results.

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Nurturing accounts…it’s a huge part of what we do here at AG Salesworks.

Staying on top of a good prospect at the right time in the right way is key. Today’s blog on Salesforce.com centers around this topic and gives five simple tips that you can use not only in sales, but marketing as well!

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Want to see what’s happening in the world of Marketing Automation in the Marketplace?

Well you’ll just have to wait like the rest of us….but Brian Hansford from Heinz Marketing can give you a peek into what’s to come from their joint survey/study with OnTarget Consulting. Make sure to check back for the full release of their data and an infographic!

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Employee retention seemed to be a taboo subject at my old sales jobs. If sales managers didn’t speak about it, the problem would simply not be a problem. Unfortunately, they seemed to be conditioned to accept that attrition was inevitable with a team of people making cold calls all day. It wasn’t uncommon to see about 50% of new hires exit the organization after 6 months. Why? You’ve taken the time to interview, hire and train a rep, but once they’re at altitude, they leave. No one should be OK with that.