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Here’s a cool read that details some of the best routines of successful folks.

Personally, the part out that stuck out to me is starting your day strong. Having success early on especially in sales is a key motivator that can carry you through an afternoon lull or just keep you motivated to get through the day. I come in everyday looking to just grind away for the first few hours so the rest of my day I can continue to be upbeat, successful, and also relaxed.

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I am such a math geek which is why this article hit home for me.

I believe when you take a calculated and mathematical approach to Marketing or Sales, you drastically increase your success. Then you can use the remaining of that approach to truly craft your style or “art” to really begin to hone in on what works best for you.

Fundamentally different approaches.  Sometimes they generate the same results, but rarely by design or intention.

There’s plenty of art in marketing.  Always has been, always will be.  But the art is in the middle, not the beginning or end.

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Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a guest blog from Greg Klingshirn, Content Marketing Manager at SalesLoft

From breakthroughs to benefits and from profits to process, the words used to present your product or service to prospects are instrumental to your success.

There’s no denying that the persuasive power of certain words can increase conversion rates and shift a buyer’s behavior. First impressions are far more valuable to engaging a potential customer than you may think. But have you identified these words?

While AG is not Call center, I still found this infographic insightful and applicable.

You look at some of the skills and see that they’re really not that far off from Inside Sales or BDR traits. Having worked on the Customer Service end as well, I try and bring most of the same game to Sales. At the end of the day, your product is positioned to help/”service” the prospect or client, so when you treat them and their situation from that perspective, you’ll create genuine connections and lasting business relationships.


Find out how to excel in call center jobs.

What an excellent article that truly defines what happens when people aren’t on the same page…the blame game happens

We’re inherently afraid of what we don’t know or understand and when things aren’t going our way, it is easy to point fingers at the other side that “seems to not pull their weight”. This article illustrates some of the metrics to reasoning why some leads don’t convert and why. 

Are you looking to rectify this at your won organization? Check out our guide to Marketing & Sales Alignment to see how you can better bring together two integral pieces of the puzzle to work in harmony.

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Who doesn’t live some good movie clips? How about when those clips are for Sales?!

Inc.com put together a top 5 of cinematic Sales moments. I thoroughly enjoyed all the choices but two truly struck a chord with me. The “Music Man” example is an incredibly corned up version of what some consider one of the strongest tactics: “What happens if you don’t invest now?”

And in the final example, “Pursuit of Happiness”, we see how every salesperson should carry themselves. Despite being worn down, he still has the courage to pick himself up and be relentlessly polite. (It also helps that Will Smith is the man and apparently nailed the guy the movie is based on)

Check it out and see which strikes you as the best example!

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Just because I love Lego so much….and so should you! This could be a very interesting turn in how we continue to shape our world and build structures!


Lego-style building blocks could be the future of architecture

Aside from being one of the most popular kids’ toys of the past 50 years, Lego has even proved useful in the adult world, with the company’s Lego Serious Play program enabling product designers to come up with creative prototypes using the simple building blocks. We recently saw OLLA offer modular furniture for kids inspired by Lego, and now Kite Bricks wants to create real-life buildings more quickly and cheaply by using concrete blocks that slot together. READ MORE…

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Back in the mid ‘90s, I was fresh out of college and managing a hotel front desk, with aspirations to one day become the General Manager. I quickly became accustomed to long hours and cranky business travelers, which most of us know can be challenging to say the least. At the time, a large percentage of my friends were living the high life at multiple tech company and making obscene amounts of money relative to their experience, as they were recent college graduates as well.

Interesting article that just continues to demonstrate how women are gaining a more equal foothold in Business and Entrepreneurship….and it’s about time we hear from both sides not just the traditional male dominated voice!


These companies adapt to the needs of women, so employees aren’t required to lean in too far.

Jane Park, CEO of the Seattle-based cosmetics company Julep, is fired up about the recent Hobby Lobby ruling.

I can tell it’s on her mind because one minute we’re talking about the design of nail polish bottles and a second later, she shifts gears, taking us in an unexpectedly political direction. “Last month, the Supreme Court reaffirmed that companies are people but I really don’t think that’s true,” Park says, out of the blue. “A company is not one human being; if anything, it’s a mini-society. There are many ways that rules of a company impact our lives more than the rules of a government.”

Park has spent decades thinking about the policies that affect women’s lives—it was the focus on her public policy degree at Princeton and her law degree at Yale—and today, as a businesswoman, it remains one of her biggest concerns. “As a head of a company, I see a huge opportunity to create the kind of society we want,” she tells me.

Her timing is great—we’re in a moment when company heads such as Sophie Amoruso of the online retailer Nasty Gal are proving that strong female leadership can be good for both morale and the bottom line.

It’s been a little over a year since Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In hit bookstore shelves, sparking a nationwide discussion about gender in the workplace. While many praised the book, calling it an invaluable manual for women keen to assert themselves at work, critics argued that Sandberg was urging women to adapt to a broken system rather than demanding that corporate America adapt to women’s needs. The good news for Sandberg detractors is that business leaders across the country are busy building a feminist workplace that allows women to thrive in their careers without having to lean in too far.

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I believe one of the most challenging aspects of sales teleprospecting is the first conversation.

You have less than a minute to prove yourself as a trustworthy sales rep. You only have your phone, your research, and your CRM to back you up. You can get bogged down by administrators or frustrated by curt replies. I’ve seen firsthand how extremely difficult it can be to build trust with a prospect on a first meeting.